Benefits to Citizens

Citizens at even the lowest reaches of the economy have an identification and/or bank card that opens the door to a new way of life. Local MAP-trained agents with MAP POS machines can swipe the card to accept their cash—often previously hidden or circulating on the gray or black market—as deposits into their bank accounts. The human equivalent of an ATM machine, agents can also provide cash withdrawals.

With only a bank card, citizens can make cashless purchases, or pay bills at all MAP-linked access points. With the card and a cell phone, they can do all of that and more . Citizens no longer need to travel for days to the nearest bank; no longer need to carry or hide large amounts of cash; are no longer prey to thievery or other victimization; can make financial decisions—including to save. As savings grow, so do opportunities to create a small business or to increase educational opportunities for their children. There will be a dramatic increase in the stability, predictability, and overall quality of their lives.