Benefits to Businesses

The business community benefits at all levels as newly bank-enabled customers appear, paying by card or by phone. Like those customers, the business community is also now empowered to bank electronically, reducing exposure to cash-related corruption and inefficiency. The MAP system enables new revenue building services: selling airtime, facilitating bill payments, cashing paychecks, selling prepaid gift and merchant cards—including their own; even provide global remittance services. The potential is as unlimited as the entrepreneurial imagination.

Government workers, the military, and service providers can now be paid electronically instead of by cash or check, increasing transparency while reducing man-hours. Further down the scale, small producers such as farmers and fishermen—the backbone of village economies—realize unprecedented benefits. Before MAP, buyers would travel village to village and offer the lowest possible purchase price. Producers, with the nearest possible alternate buyer in a village two days away, with no means of communication, and with a perishable product, had little choice but to sell at that price. MAP gives producers the tools to communicate—sharing offer prices, even agreeing to bargain collectively. An additional benefit comes in the form of the data collected via the national ID/bank card. As data becomes sufficiently granular for government to track specific segments, e.g. fishermen, the system allows for electronic distribution of targeted aid or assistance.