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UK Department for International Development

MAP Featured - May 2011 (p. 14)
Through a DFID supported Business Call to Action initiative, MAP International is revolutionising access to banking in Uganda...



United Nations Development Programme Case Study

MAP International: Technology provider for Branchless Banking in Uganda - November 2010
MAP International is a New York-based financial services provider with local headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. It was established in Uganda in 2007. MAP International seeks to improve access to financial services to the under-banked population. The motivation to increase access to financial services was based on MAP?s appreciation of the life-changing impact that giving financial access to the unbanked and under-banked can have, including: economic empowerment, employment generation and enterprise creation thereby addressing one of the root causes of poverty. At the same time though, access to financial services for most of the population had been severely constrained owing to lack of bankable identification to enable them access formal financial services and as well as the enormous set up and infrastructure costs required to extend services to the country side where the majority of the population lives...



Business Call to Action Case Study

MAP International: Empowering the Poor through Mobile Banking - September 2010
The majority of Uganda’s 32 million citizens lack access to the financial sector, including banking services. MAP International, through its Business Call to Action initiative, seeks to remove barriers—such as physical infrastructure—that prevent so many Ugandans from entering the formal financial sector. Through its electronic and mobile banking platform, MAP International connects mobile phone users to banking services, empowering them to manage their money more efficiently and effectively and create new opportunities for long-term economic growth...



Business Call to Action Article

Innovations in Action - February 2010
MAP deploys the latest in mobile financial technology to bring banking services to the unbanked and underbanked people in developing countries. This unique platform is the catalyst that will enable the transformation of developing countries to create efficient, transparent and corruption free payment systems that will provide financial security to its citizens...



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MAP International, Inc. Presents at the World Bank Press release - July 20, 2009
On Tuesday, 2 June, MAP International Chairman Mr. Michael Landau presented to the World Bank – ‘Transforming Under-Served Markets Through Mobile Technologies’.

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CNBC Africa Business Report Interview of Michael Landau

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BigThink interview with Michael Landau.

Landau Interview


UNDP/DFID Business Call To Action

June 11, 2009
MAP International has biometrically enrolled over 50,000 Ugandans in its Integrated Banking Platform and hundreds of thousands of transactions have taken place over their network of ATMs, Point Of Sale units and mobile phones.

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Uganda TV documentary

UBC - May 24, 2009
MapSwitch Uganda Documentary

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Convergence and Innovation Excellence Driving Positive Change

The East African tribune - May 25, 2009
The Vice President of Uganda, His Excellency Prof. Gilbert Bukenya was the guest of honor at a charity dinner organized by Business Excellence as part of the 7th Annual Digital Africa Summit.

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Presentation to MEPs from MAP International

The Colombo Times - April 10, 2009
Nirj Deva MEP, the Conservative Spokesman on the European Parliament’s Development Committee, recently organised a meeting for MEPs and European Commission officials to discuss how the latest biometric technology is being used to facilitate economic growth in the development world.

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OPIC loan brings mobile banking services to underserved in Uganda

OPIC Press Release - March 26, 2009
WASHINGTON, D.C. – A loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) will enable the deployment of transformational financial infrastructure in Uganda that will provide Ugandan citizens, currently left out of the formal economy, with access to an array of financial services, including banking services.

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Universal Access to Modern Banking Services in Uganda Moves a Step Closer

Daily Monitor - December 16, 2008
KAMPALA -- MapSwitch, a new financial infrastructure has been launched to offer ‘un-banked’ Ugandans an opportunity to access cheap and convenient banking services.

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Food Sustainablity

UN - December 16, 2008
NEW YORK -- A guide to private sector action.

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Universal Access to Modern Banking Services in Uganda Moves a Step Closer

Business Fights Poverty - December 10, 2008
KAMPALA -- His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni joins MapSwitch Uganda to announce nationwide rollout of electronic financial infrastructure services.

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Fighting poverty makes business sense to companies

Los Angeles Times - September 26, 2008
UNITED NATIONS -- It's been a bad week for a global anti-poverty summit. Even before Wall Street's turmoil damped the generosity of donor countries, economists were predicting that food and fuel price shocks would drive 100 million people into destitution across the world.

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September 24, 2008
NEW YORK-- Ten private companies were recognized for their work in improving the lives of the world's most disadvantaged people.

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(DFID) Award winners prove that fighting poverty is good for business - September 24, 2008
NEW YORK-- Today in New York, the Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas Alexander, will launch the Global Business Call to Action Partnership...

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New announcements as part of the Business Call to Action

Business Fights Poverty - September 24, 2008
Interviews with companies making new announcements as part of the Business Call to Action: Ericsson, Yara and Map International.

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MEETING REPORT: United Nations Private Sector Forum

UN - September 24, 2008
NEW YORK -- The Millennium Development Goals and Food Sustainability

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Bringing Financial Services and Economic Empowerment to the Rural and Under-Served

Map International - October 8, 2008
NEW YORK-- The lack of financial services and a uniform accepted form of identification for people in rural areas has long left the bulk of rural populations in Africa un-banked...

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Unveiling PostBank's Quick Cash ATM Services

The New Vision - June 24, 2008

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MAP International Teams With Global Leader Fundamo to Provide Technology for New...

PRNewswire - March 5, 2008
NEW YORK -- MAP International, the multi-dimensional financial services system which links consumers, merchants, banks, mobile operators, and service providers to deliver modern banking services in developing nations, said it will partner with award-winning South African mobile banking and payment solutions company, Fundamo.

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Post Bank Uganda and MAP International Partner to Transform Rural Economy

PRNewswire - November 20, 2007
KAMPALA, UGANA -- First Government Institution to Implement Innovative Financial Services. Post Bank Uganda has entered into an agreement with MAP International, the New York-based multi-dimensional financial services system which links consumers, merchants, banks, mobile operators, and service providers to deliver modern banking services throughout the country, but in particular, to rural areas.

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Museveni to reassure rebels of 'soft landing'

Washington Times - October 31, 2007
WASHINGTON -- He discussed his plan to revolutionize banking as a way of energizing the poor and helping the economy. In partnership with Map International, a New York-based firm, Uganda is in the process of using the cell-phone system — which covers 85 percent of Uganda — to make safe banking available to every

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Building the Financial Infrastructure to Transform Africa - October 31, 2007
WASHINGTON -- In Uganda, we have extended financial services to rural areas – building a hub of rural banks. We are now working with partners to strengthen this infrastructure. With New York-based Map International, we are rolling out a system we hope will give 90 per cent of our people access to modern banking services – up from the level of 15 per cent today. The new system will allow people, even in remote rural areas, to access their accounts and pay bills via cell phone. The first stage is to enroll all 600, 000 government employees into the system, which will speed the delivery of the salaries and access to cash and, we hope, help reduce corruption.

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Uganda teams up with US company to give rural areas access to electronic banking

International Herald Tribune - AP, October 20, 2007
NEW YORK: Uganda's finance minister wanted to give more than 90 percent of the population of his homeland access to the banking system and financial services to try to spur economic growth, especially in poor rural areas. But his government did not have the know-how or the money to do it.

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Govt, U.S. Firm Boost Saccos, 26 October 2007
UGANDA -- The government is teaming up with an American company to bring modern electronic banking to Ugandans in the rural areas.

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