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In 2007, MAP hosted a session led by President Yoweri Museveni to explore areas of further cooperation. At the session, Minister of Finance Dr. Ezra Suruma shared his two areas of greatest concern for the country's economic landscape:

  • 1. The nation's cash-based society dictated that government salaries, pensions and benefits were paid out in cash. This led to significant fraud, ghost workers, theft, and loss.

  • 2. The great majority of citizens lacked access to the regulated financial infrastructure of the country, and the corresponding benefits it affords.

In the sprit of the public-private partnership that MAP has partnered with the government to evolve the MAP offering to meet the unique needs of Uganda. As the Ugandan President, His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, told members of the US Chamber of Commerce at a recent luncheon, "in Uganda, we have extended financial services to rural areas- building a hub of rural banks. We are now working with partners to strengthen this infrastructure. With New York-based MAP International, we are rolling out a system we hope will give 90 per cent of our people access to modern banking services-up from the level of 15 per cent today. The new system will allow people, even in remote rural areas, to access their accounts and pay bills via cell phone."